Obserwatorium Sztuki dla dziecka

Forward Tarot

Biodiversity of Livable City

Malta Festival 2021

Enter Enea Festival 2020 — więcej

Designing a shared city

5. Świdnicki Festiwal Filmowy Spektrum — more

Jaśko from Lviv. Master's story — more

Malta Festival 2019 — more

Le Monde dipliomatique

Odszkolnić Akademię — more

Już nie mogę się doczekać & Wszystko będzie dobrze – kalendarz 2019

Workshops of Revolution

SOC — praise of friendship

New City Scenarios — exhibition identity

Odkryjmy Poznań

Narracje 9. Off Season — more

Grzegorz Bibro. Me and the Father — more

Nic Sie Tu Nie Dzieje

Malta Festival 2017 — more

Bękart — an educational game involving typography

Adam Gołębiewski, In Front of Their Eyes — more

Ethno Port Festival 2015 — identification for one of the largest award-winning World Music Festivals — more

An innovational model of Social Associations — a collection of ten books which take you through the various Social Associoations

Greater Poland Social Economy Center — with it's anniversary, we designed the book in commemoration of their 10 years of activity. Essays are followed up with interviews and short descriptions, creating a story of the Association. The final product ended up being wraped in canvas — more

Bartosz Kokosiński

An exhibition in the Łęctwo Gallery 2014 — more

Malta Festival 2016 — we have had many on-going opportunities to collaborate with the most important theatrical, musical, cinematic and dance festivals here in Central-Eastern Europe. We have designed the brochures and catalogues based on the theme created by Huncwot

Leszek Przyjemski — Museum of Hysterics / SYF

Maciej Stępiński — Rendez Vous

Samotnik z Rybitw. Rzecz o Julianie Bossie Gosławskim — the rust brown cover immitates the colour of the authors workshop. The vintage, almost recycled, yellowish paper, suggests a little of his careless approach to life. The canvas covered hardback ensures it's enduring life cycle — more

Roman Opałka, Oktogon / 1 – ∞ — more

8. Festiwal Filmowy Spektrum

Malta Festival Poznań 2022

Enter Enea Festival 2022

Tandemem do Singapuru. Dziennik z podróży

7. Świdnicki Festiwal Filmowy Spektrum

Noti — Catalogue 2021 — więcej

Malta Festival 2020 — więcej

True Polish Techno

Freedom begins at home — more

Not a word without us

Antywzorce we współczesnej sztuce i kulturze wizualnej — more

Malta Festival 2018 — more

Piotr Korzeniowski — more

Robię tylko to co lubię – calendar 2018

Stary Browar

Teatr Animacji. 2014-2017 — more

Food&Friends — aculinary / lifestyle magazine which was established by a group of friends for friends. It is aimed at people who enjoy spending time in places where cooking is one of the most important ingredients — more

Maciej Fiszer, 900 000 000 — fotograficzny reportaż z życia świń. Efekt 12 lat pracy fotografa, zawarty w limitowanych albumach — more

Always Look on The Bright Side of Life — calendar 2017

The Le Monde diplomatique library — a series of books regarding widley recognised sociopolitics, international issues and intercultural relations — more

Szczelbaczechowa. The artistic and sociable Poznań of the 70's and 80's.

8th Photography Biennial, The Passion of Photography — biennale conecerns love, fascination and a passionate approach towards the art of photography. It's about the concept of passionate amateurs, lovers of  analogue and digital photography and the analysis of a photographic fetishists' journey — more

Ethno Port Festival 2014 — identification for one of the largest World Music Festivals in Central Europe — more

Enter Music Festival 2015 — more

National Library of Poland, Annual Report 2013

Tadeusz Kantor, Piotr Uklański — exhibition identity

Porta Posnania ICHOT — exhibition identyty

Cultural education as a public project?

Leszek Przyjemski — Museum of Hysterics 1968-3068

Towards a creative city. The art of Poznań 1986-2011

Zamek Culture Centre, Annual Report 2013

Poznań Congress Center — more

Handy Ones — exhibition identyty — more

Resort — IV Festival Old Gasworks


We are a creative studio located in the centre on Poznań, specializing in books, catalogues and newspapers. Creating visual posters for festivals, exhibitions and individual companies, we design for both commercial and institutional clients.

    • Bękarty
    • ul. Szyperska 3
    • 61-754 Poznań, Poland 

Krzysztof Ignasiak — graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań involved in much more than just work. A supporter of social projects, currently regaining control of the streets and himself. He does a lot of thinking, which brings great benefits.

504 484 924

Marcin Matuszak — graduate of Cultural Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Editor of 'Punkt' magazine and 'Food & Friends' Art Director. Immoderate, doesn't like dealing with overdue projects, seasons and phone calls.

604 904 407


Grigory Popov, Kamil Kurzajewski, Piotr i Małgorzata Korczyńscy (Kineza), Adrian Hołota (Panowie Programiści), Huncwot, Antoni Mączyński (Human Traffic), Jan Feliks Kallwejt, Olga Rafalska i Paulina Kacprzak (Element Talks), Warsztat Pracy


We take interns.
If you are interested, send us your portfolio.


Best Design Awards (DesignRush)
Gold Winner (2021) European Design Awards 
Polish Graphic Design Awards (2020)
Lecture at the Golden Bee (Moscow 2016)
Top 10 of Polish design 2015 (e-culture)
Interview for the Aktyvist magazine (2016)
Exhibition in the Łęctwo Gallery (2014)
Lecture at Element Talks (Poznan 2014)
Print Control #2, #3, #4 (2014, 2015, 2016)
Book of the Year (2010, 2014)
Józef Łukaszewicz Award — Biblioteka Raczyńskich (2011)
Best catalogues and albums regarding Art Reminiscences (2010)